Value Education

Value Education

Living Shapes Character & Studying Shapes Mind

Ho Yu adheres to the principle of “Living Shapes Character & Studying Shapes Mind” to foster students’ positive values and sensibilities, i.e. perseverance, self-discipline, righteousness, integrity, respect, caring, gratitude, cherishing, and prudent management of finances, etc., as the direction of promoting Moral and Civic Education.  Ho Yu’s Values Education is well-planned to build a complete set of programmes that cater for the needs of students’ physical and mental development.  We hope that when students encounter problems at different stages of their development, they can identify things with correct values, make objective analyses and reasonable judgements, and put them into practice.  Values education enables students to face the challenges of life in the future.

Values Education Curriculum

In the regular curriculum, our school has Values Education to help students develop their correct values in different areas, including traditional Chinese culture, personal growth and healthy living, school life, social life, family life, and life in the society and the country.  During the lesson, we stimulate students’ feelings of value through scenario-based teaching and create situations to highlight value conflicts in real life, and stimulate students to explore their values by thought-provoking situational conflicts.  Through our continuous efforts, students can clarify and reflect on ambiguous values, and finally construct their own values on their own. Through the Values Education, students have developed the following values:

Personal Values

Core Values: sanctity of life, truth, aesthetics, honesty, human dignity, rationality, creativity, courage, liberty, affectivity, individuality, empathy, hardworking

Sustaining Values: self-cultivation, principled morality, self-determination, openness, independence, enterprise, integrity, self-esteem, self-reflection, self-discipline, simplicity, sensitivity, modesty, perseverance

Social Values

Core Values: equality, kindness, benevolence, love, freedom, common good, mutuality, justice, trust, interdependence, betterment human kind

Sustaining Values: plurality, due process of law, democracy, freedom, common will, patriotism, tolerance, equal opportunities, cultural and civilizational heritage, human rights and responsibilities, rationality, sense of belonging, solidarity

Attitudes: optimistic, participatory, critical, creative, appreciative, empathetic, caring and concerned, positive, confident, cooperative, responsible, adaptable to changes, open-minded, with a respect for “self, others, life, quality and excellence, evidence, fair play, rule of law, different ways of life, beliefs and opinions and the environment”, with a desire to Learn, diligent, committed

Rule of Law Education: rule of Law, justice, national identity, democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, rationality

Ho Yu Values Education through Activities

Ho Yu organizes many activities for students equipping themselves, exploring their potential and broadening their horizons.  In addition, by leading students to participate in different activities, they are developed positive values and become caring and committed young people.

Our school has a Healthy School Policy and participates in the Healthy School Programme.  With the theme of “Love from Ho Yu”, the school has launched the “Love Makes Resilience” self-reliance programme, the “Love Makes Excellence” leadership programme, the “Love Gives Help” service programme, etc. to nurture students with a healthy value on life and a healthy body, and enhance their resilience to cope with the changes in the society nowadays.

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