Creating a Comfortable Reading Atmosphere for Nurturing the Spirit of Self-directed Learning

“Ho Yu Library” came into operation in 2022, making it a must-visit place for students to study and read.  It was recognized by the American Library Association (ALA) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) with the ALA/IIDA Library Interior Design Award, setting a record for Hong Kong’s education and library sectors, and was also featured in the media.

Shaping the Reading Atmosphere

In the centre of the “Ho Yu Library”, there is an activity area for sharing talks, which can accommodate about 40 people.  Students can select interesting books from the shelves and then sit down to read them in the area.  The area is in front of a large mobile TV, which can be used for teaching, lectures and other academic activities.  This large space not only allows students to sit comfortably on the stairs and read, but also allows them to share their reading experience and read for pleasure.  Some authors are also invited to the school from time to time to bring a variety of book sharing and lectures to students.  In the area, students no longer read alone, but read together and even read with authors, and thus the culture of valuing reading has started from the “Ho Yu Library”.

Nurturing Self-directed Learning

In addition to the area, the new study chairs and discussion room in the Library have been very well received by students.  The soft cushions, wooden tables of the right height, and partitions on the side create a quiet and comfortable environment for students to focus on their study tasks.  The separate study space with green trees allows students to gaze out of the window and relieve stress when they are tired.

Two new discussion rooms have been added to the school library for self-directed learning and group discussion.  They are equipped with a number of facilities to facilitate students’ learning, such as large whiteboards on the walls and good soundproofing, so that students can conduct discussions without being disturbed by any noisy environment.  In addition to the discussion room, there is a large wooden table with self-service charging sockets where students can sit around the table and finish their assignments, and discuss with their classmates when they encounter difficult problems. In the discussion room, students are no longer alone, but learn together and encourage each other.

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